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· Read about the community of Todt Hill and Ernest Flagg Estate, Stone Court. Landmarked in the early 1980s,  9.5 acres includes original buildings from the estate, all adaptively reused. Architects Robert A.M. Stern, a  contemporary architect , designed the adaptive reuse of many of the Flagg designed buildings, as well as, several new, but complementary homes on the NYC landmarked site.  Additional homes were built on Non-landmarked property , outside of the 9.5 acres, which are of various sizes and styles, completely different from anything Ernest Flagg.


· Read the September 2009 article in the NY Times. about the Staten Island Armory and recent efforts to preserve Staten Island’s magnificent . Angela D’Aiuto, Board member of the Preservation League of S.I.  and a NYS Licensed realtor, nominated the Armory for landmarking. The article focuses on the lack of landmarked structures on Staten Island, as compared to other parts of NYC..


· How did a  203 K loan  save this Queen Ann style home in Tompkinsville?

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Staten Island NY State Armory, historic photo

As featured in the NY Times, the Staten Island Armory, located at 321 Manor Road, Castleton Corners, has been nominated for NYC landmarking. Built in 1922, like many armories throughout NY State, it is ‘Norman Castle’ inspired design. A public hearing was held in August 2009 with both public and institutional support for landmarking.


The original building has been expanded and is home to the National Guard.

landmarked home in Tompkinsville, St George, Staten ISland. Westervelt avenue, Staten Island , NY shingle style home built 1888.Samuel R. Infirmary, former staten island hospital, the Castle, staten island new yorkTappen Park, Stapleton, Staten Island, NYPit bull at Serpintine Commons natural area located on Grymers Hill Staten Island, NY.

Serpentine Commons

Grymes Hill, Staten Island


The Serpentine Art and Nature Commons is a not-for-profit community based organization devoted to the preservation of the 35 acres of wooded hillside on Grymes Hill, Staten Island, New York.


More Pictures and Where to find it!


Photo: My dog , Tip, enjoying the trails :







Park Lane at Sea View, Staten Island
brick tudor style home located in Grasmere, Staten Island, NY. near Brady's Pond.Ernest Flagg style home  located in Grasmere, Staten Island, NY. near Brady's Pond.

Take a drive along Fingerboard, Windermere, Overlook, Beverly and Allendale Roads in Grasmere and you will discover a mixture of Tudor, stone, brick, arts and craft, and colonial style homes. Surprisingly, there are almost a dozen homes designed in the “rubble mosaic’ style which renowned architect, Ernest Flagg, made famous. The stone rubble construction is very unique and was introduced as an innovative building technique, which reduced labor costs. 

Read more at my Blog.

260 College Avenue, Westerleigh, Staten ISalnd NY, former home of Congressman Anning Prall, Architecte James Whitford II; Dutch Revival style.

Featured Neighborhood: Grasmere, Staten Island, NY

Home in Grasmere and Brady's Pond; colonial revival home on staten Island New York.

Lower Left: Brick Tudor style home

Below: Stone cottage style by Architect Ernest Flagg

Left: Colonial Revival style home overlooking Grasmere Lake.


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Horton's Row, NYC landmarked homes in Staten ISland NY,

Left Photo: Horton’s Row

Nine buildings were heard for NYC landmark designation on August 11th,2009– the most ever heard in one day from Staten Island .  And called the Staten Island Landmarking Day by NYC Landmarks Commission. We are waiting for more to be designated. One of the landmarked buildings of Horton’s Row is for sale. Contact Angela D’Aiuto, Licensed Realtor for more info at (718) 877-7367 . Read More about Landmarking Day.

Interior lobby and staircase of the Paramount Theatre, located in Staten Island NY, under renovation 2009

The Stapleton Paramount, Bay street


built in 1930 is an Art Deco Gem, with a terra cotta façade and interior which is undergoing restoration. It is under consideration for NYC landmarking– the exterior only.


Get A peak at the Art Deco Interior.

Farwell to the Swedish Home


the former Alitia Vanderbilt and NYS Senator La Bau house in Sunnyside . It has been demolished to make way for a proposed Assisted living facility. Despite efforts to have portions of the cottage preserved, the developer went ahead and demolished the building. The community hopes that open space surrounding the site and parking spaces will be provided for the new community use. Read More

54 Port Richmond Avenue, Dutch Reformed Church on staten ISland, historic Port Richmond Square, Staten Island, NY.Swedish home, Staten ISland , NY Sunnyside being demolished 2009, former Vanderbilt family member home.


The historic Dutch Reformed Church on Staten Island, located at 54 Port Richmond Avenue is awaiting the final step in the landmarking process. It is listed on the NY Historic Register. Updates on the Blog

South beach boardwalk, Staten Island, NY.Colorful mural inside public restroom at South beach baordwalk, near Vanderbilt catering hall, Staten Island.

Attractions for the Summer on Staten Island:

South Beach & Midland, Staten Island offers something for everyone. 


An expansive boardwalk , bike and hiking trails, fishing pier, playgrounds, bathhouses, ocean view dining, beaches, a skate board park , seasonal volley ball, baseball fields, picnic grounds, and even Bacci.


Back to the Beach Event Info.

Photo Above: South Beach Boardwalk near the Vanderbilt catering Hall and South Finn restaurant.

Above: Colorful artwork in the Ladies Restroom. Notice the ceramic fish adorning the sinks.

post card of fort wadswoth, staten island new york

Above: Fort Wadsworth, historic postcard photo.

Above: The home of former Congressman Anning Prall, College avenue, Westerleigh.

Interior Photos

Below: Stapleton Town Square: Tappen Park.

Masuleum designed by Carrere and Hastings at Moravian Cemetery, Staten ISland, NY , New Dorp.

Moravian Cemetery– New Dorp


Offers tour of the beautiful grounds and historic monuments.  The photo to the right is a mausoleum designed by the renowned architectural firm of Carrere and Hastings.  Blog entry


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