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New Brighton, Staten Island


Located between St. George and West Brighton, overlapping the neighborhoods of Snug Harbor East, Brighton Heights, Cottage Hill and even parts of Tompkinsville.

Open Space


· Mahoney Playground, Crescent Avenue and Jersey Street and Beechwood Avenue—playground, summer sprinkler, hand ball and basketball.


· Parkland includes the newly protected Jones’s Woods, between Lafayette and Brighton Avenues


· 42 Acre site of Goodhue, which is a proposed park—IN Progress with Public Funds Committed.


· Goodhue—owned by the Children’s Aid Society will keep an acres of there property for a afterschool and summer camp program


· Snug Harbor Cultural Center—City owned parkland which includes SI Children’s Museum, Nobel Maritime Museum, Art Lab, Newhouse Gallery, and the Chinese Scholar’s Garden.


· Skyline Park, located at Prospect Avenue and connecting to Jones’s Woods—Tennis and playground


· Liotti Ikefugi Playground,  located on Winter Avenue near Bismark Ave, basketball and playground


· North Shore Esplanade– along Richmond Terrace between Westervelt Avenue and Jersey Street m– access to Si Ferry, Si Yankee Stadium and waterfront esplanade.


· Silver Lake Park and Hero Park, neighboring community of Silver Lake and Stapleton Heights




Local Schools


· P.S. 31

· I.S. 61,

· Saint Peter’s Boys High School

· St. Peter’s Girl  High School and Elementary—nearby St. George community

· P.S. 45 , nearby West Brighton

· Good Council Elementary School 1 to 8th grade, private , nearby in Silver Lake– Victory Blvd


The History and Architecture of New Brighton…


The high elevated portion of New Brighton overlooking Jersey Street and Richmond Terrace was known for its harbor views and well manicured landscaping.


Today there is a development of 1950 style brick attached homes what is also referred to as Cottage Hill in New Brighton.

This area of Staten Island was once known as “The Cottages.” It was named for a group of houses developed in 1853 following the style of landscape architect Andrew Jackson Downing.


Hamilton Park Homes in New Brighton

Developer Charles K. Hamilton created Hamilton Park (the area’s official title) as a collection of country homes of 12 to 14 rooms each. Probably the oldest of these is the Pritchard residence at 66 Harvard Avenue. The Hamilton Park Cottage at 105 Franklin is a New York City landmark. Residents of the Hamilton Park Homes were among those who gave the neighborhood of New Brighton its reputation as an elegant seaside resort. 

Samuel R. Infirmary, former staten island hospital, the Castle, staten island new york

Former Staten Island Hospital, Smith’s Infirmary, under consideration for landmarking and redevelopment.