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Seaview, Staten ISland NYPark Lane at Sea View, Staten Island ,NYPark Lane at Sea View, Staten Island ,NY

Left:  Waiting to be Restored– Across from the newly renovated senior housing: the Women’s Open Air Pavilions


Gilded  terra-cotta tiles decorate  the upper floors.

Pictured Below: Beautifully restored Nurse’s Quarters– Now Senior Housing at Sea View

Restored Window Guard at Sea View, Staten IslandPark Lane at Sea View, Staten Island ,NYPark Lane at Sea View, Staten Island ,NYRestored wood beamed ceiling retro-fitted with sprinkler sytem at Sea ViewRestored terra cotta tiles and fire place, Sea View, Staten Island

The Renaissance of Sea View:


The Preservation League of Staten Island recently held a walking tour of the grounds at Sea View. The event was jointly sponsored with the Sea View Historical Foundation. Borough Historian Tom Mateo provided guided tours of ten historic buildings on the grounds. Sea View is a NYC Historic District. A Self Guided tour by Cell phone will be available shortly by PLSI.


A recent success is the “Park Lane at Sea View” , the newly restored Nurses Quarters Building now site-adapted to provide 103 units of senior housing, including two bedroom, one bedroom and studio units. This project is, in many ways, a true triumph of historic preservation. The windows are original. They were removed from the building, sent to a restoration facility and reinstalled giving an elegant feeling to the space inside the individual units. Walk around the building and enjoy the new landscaping.

Terra Cotta Murals at Se View, Staten IslandTerra Cotta Murals at Se View, Staten Island

Above Right: Senior Housing– some feature private terraces.

Above Left: Park Lane at Sea View—exterior view

Above Left: Original Window Guards and windows restored.

Above Right: Cottages– additional Senior Housing.

Above: This spectacular sitting room  at the Park Lane at Sea View, features a fireplace, terra cotta tiles, French doors, hardwood floors and a wood beamed ceiling. Each wood beam was removed and retro-fitted for the sprinkler system.

Above: Under renovations– courtyard-sitting area at Park Lane. Notice the copper window trim.

Above: Beautifully restored Terra Cotta Murals on display in the main lobby of  the senior day care center of the Robitzek Building