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StatenIisland New York State Armory at 321 Manor RoadStaten island nys armory

NY State Armory, Home of the National Guard

321 Manor Road, Staten Island, Castleton Corners


Built: 1922                          Style: Medieval Gothic

This medieval gothic inspired fortress is located in Castleton Corners., Staten Island. It is he current home of Staten Island’s National Guard, 1st Squad, 101 Calvary.


Built in 1922


‘Many were castellated fortresses that reflected construction methods, forms and designs derived from medieval Gothic military architecture….. Armories had three basic functions, military facilities, clubhouse, and public monuments’


New York's historic armories: an illustrated history

By Nancy L. Todd

Contributor George E. Pataki, Bernadette Castro Edition: Illustrated Published by SUNY Press, 2006


Compare the early photo of the armory above to today’s photo on the left. Practically all of its original features remain intact. A brick addition was added to the rear of the building, which can be seen in the photo below.

Send your letters of support for the landmarking of this nation’s treasure. Tell LPC that the property  allows for future additions and all additions should retain the original design of this treasure.


Tell NYC Landmark Commission to act to landmark this building.

June 23, 2009 Hearing Set for Landmarking— S.I. Amory

Thanks to community support and efforts by Councilman Mitchell!

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