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Your Guide to Classic Homes and Historic Neighborhoods
Staten Island Real Estate, Neighborhood News and Discussions.



Your Guide to Classic Homes and Historic Neighborhoods

Staten Island Real Estate, Neighborhood News and Discussions.


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Specializing in selling classic homes and landmarked properties.



We match classic and distinctive old buildings with preservation-minded buyers. We pair buyers seeking a specific architectural style  (such as Greek Revival, Arts and Crafts, Italianate) or interested in a “fixer-upper” historic property. The best way to save fragile historic buildings is to put them in good, safe hands with buyers who appreciate the scarcity of a well-preserved antique.


As a NYS licensed realtor, Angela, invests heavily in building this strong, vibrant marketplace, so in essence all marketing and promotional activities benefit all clients. It is the intention of Exit Realty Solutions to obtain the best price for your property by employing an aggressive marketing plan that attracts the most qualified and interested buyers thus creating a competitive sales environment. 



I work with Buyers and Sellers of older, classic homes on Staten Island. Many times a homeowner has restored their home and it is a difficult decision to put the house on the market. It may be  home for many , many years. But rest assure, I can find the right buyer for your house to care for it into the next generation.


For a Buyer of an older home, it is easy to  fall in love with the style of he home, but there are many practical issues with buying an older home too. My experience owning and selling older homes will help any type of buyer.


Selling an old house grows more challenging every year. Environmental, safety, disclosure and lending regulations are designed to meet the demands of a new, litigious and complicated world. The real estate market is dominated by new and newer construction, yet old houses typically do not fit this "cookie cutter" approach.


Angela D’Aiuto deals with "old house" challenges that many real estate professionals will never face in their entire career.


Whether your house is landmarked, located in a historic district or simply a unique older home. Angela D’Aiuto understands how to resolve these issues in a timely manner, while preserving the emotional bonds the buyer(s) has to the property. 




For of the single greatest service Angela D’Aiuto  offers is quality service and personalized marketing plan. With Angela's network of connections and marketing tools, you will receive personalized service tailored to your needs and the unique characteristics of your home. The  newest marketing and technology tools will be at your disposal.


For Buyers, informational videos and resources on buying and caring for an older home is provided to every buyer. Finding right the style and location for the buyer I a priority.



Recognizing the highly selective nature of the antique-properties niche, Angela D’Aiuto Realty, Staten Island has developed a database of individuals and businesses that have demonstrated interest in such properties. Angela D’Aiuto regularly mails to this database, and continuously expands and updates it.



Angela D’Aiuto understands the dramatic effects that new technology is having on the real estate profession. As such, Angela is constantly expanding its knowledge and understanding of new opportunities to serve its clients and customers. The web is the place where the vast majority of historic homebuyers find homes. All aspects of the market are seeing this change, but none greater than the relocation and non community-specific buyers. is linked to most major search engines. A variety of technology tools are utilized to sell your house. This may include , property specific websites, Virtual tours, cds, e-mail grams, etc.




Angela D’Aiuto is active in the local preservation community. Angela is a consultant and has experience working with the following organizations: the Preservation League of Staten Island, the Port Richmond Preservation Committee, Downtown Staten Island Council, Casa Belvedere: the Italian Cultural Foundation and the St. George Theatre. Her community involvement and expertise helps to promote ownership and awareness of historic structures. Angela D’Aiuto regularly sponsors and networks at seminars, lectures and programs relating to historic architecture, preservation, and restoration.

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