Many Staten Islanders appreciate the architecture of the Neo-medieval style building  and/or remembers the rich history of the building, refer to it as the Staten Island Castle. It has been a fixture in the community for 120 years and was built by NYC Architect Alfred E. Barlow in 1890. The four turreted structure was named in honor of its benefactor, Dr. George Frost, who donated the 6.5 acres and an additional $86,0000 for  benefit of the S.R. Smith Infirmary. The Frost Memorial Tower is the former headquarters of today’s S.I. University Hospital.


The Who’s who of Staten Island established the complex as the ‘island’s first public charity’ to serve the poor and sick. The complex was originally named after Dr. Samuel R. Smith , who served the sick and poor from his home in Tompkinsville and later at the Quarantine. The work of Dr. Samuel R. Smith, Dr. Anderson, and many others , evolved into what became the S.R. Infirmary, later renamed Staten Island Hospital For more historic background on the S.R. Smith Infirmary visit my Blog.


This property was a failed condo development in the early 1980s which created a legal mess with many tax liens. It entire site has been a community eyesore for three decades.


The Save the S.I. Castle Committee believes that most Staten Islanders consider this building a ‘community’ landmark, despite its dormancy for three decades. Many Staten Islanders were born here or worked here. It is a rare survivor of a prosperous New Brighton community and demonstrates the architectural style used for  institutional buildings in the late 1800s.


The Save the S.I. Castle Committee urges the adaptive reuse of the historic 1890 ‘castle’ and community planning for the 6.5 acres. The Committee has no official position on the future use of the site, only that it be a community benefit , as it was originally intended, as a public hospital in 1890.


Who is the Save the S.I. Castle Committee?

The Committee is made up concerned citizens, advocating the preservation and adaptive reuse of  the ‘castle’ . The Committee will work to ensure community involvement in the redevelopment plans. The building has been nominated for NYC landmark status. ONLY the Frost Memorial Tower building, which was sealed by HPD and exhibits many original EXTERIOR features.


What would Castleton Avenue look like without a Castle? Many Staten Islanders consider the ’SI Castle’ a Community Landmark.  The  NYC landmark status will ensure that the building is fitted into the planned housing development. It could be a community center, school or any other community use. Without landmarking of this building, it could be demolished and the development of the site could be completely cleared. We would have less community input on the redevelopment of the site.


Reduce Waste in Landfills: We believe that Landmarking reduces waste and the other buildings should be studied for renovation, rather than demolition. Less debris in the landfills benefits all of us. Considering we had the largest garbage dump for 30 years on Staten Islanders, we should be concerned with green building practices. It benefits our community and future generations.


We Need Your Support!

If  you understand how landmarking can ensure the building will be part of the redevelopment of the site, please tell a friend and send a letter, email or call to express your support!


Contact: the NYC Landmark Commission know: Email NYC Landmark Commission  (212) 669-7879.

The Save the Staten Island Castle Committee:

Join us to Reclaim and Restore the former Staten Island Hospital - Frost Memorial Tower Building

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Please let us know your memories ,stories and  show your support for landmarking this beautiful building. so we can post them on this site.


Get Involved  and for Information contact: Coalition to Save the SI Castle

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I support Landmarking the Frost Memorial Tower, former Staten Island Hospital.  It is a community landmark and should be officially designated a NYC Landmark and part of the city’s redevelopment plan for the site.


Mailing addresses:

Landmarks Preservation Commission
Municipal Building
1 Centre Street, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10007


Councilwoman Debi Rose

120 Stuyvesant Place

6th Floor

Staten Island, NY 10301




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Latest Update:

June 5, 2010:
Only a few days ago, Councilwoman Debi Rose and Chief of Staff Christine  Johnson visited the SI Castle/former SI Hospital site with
representatives from the Department of Housing, Preservation and
Development, (HPD) to conduct an exterior survey. The Councilwoman's
Chief of Staff, Ms. Johnson, stated that they have made their position
clear to HPD, that the 'community wants adaptive reuse of the site" ,
which includes the historic 1890 building, the SI Castle. Ms. Johnson
informed us that, HPD plans to conduct a full building condition
assessment later this summer. Ms. Johnson assured us that they will keep
us informed and assist us with our efforts to have an independent
assessment of the building's condition.

On behalf of the Save the SI Castle Committee, I reiterated our position
for landmarking and the adaptive reuse of the historic 1890 Neo-medieval
style building the "Frost Memorial Tower". I emphasized the importance
of obtaining an independent building assessment of the 1890 building,
which we, the SI Castle Committee, have funds to allow for. Previously
representatives of the Save the SI Castle Committee, met with
Councilwoman Debi Rose and Chief of Staff Christine Johnson and have
received verbal support for our plan. In addition, the Councilwoman, has
publicly stated at various community forums, that she supports
landmarking. We look forward to working with our Councilwoman and Staff
to reclaim, restore and reuse the SI Castle.

JOIN A COMMITTEE: We have the following committees:

1-Education- Assisting with the Oral History Project and other
educational programs to be developed to promote our efforts to garner
support- Arts, History, etc.

2-Outreach- gather support of residents, elected officials and community
groups. Public relations/Media

3- Adaptive Reuse - Economic Development - work with AIA and members to
crate a vision for the site, potential economic development incentives,

4- Historic- assist with research and landmarking efforts for NYC
landmarking and State and National Register

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We will hire a Structural Engineer for the Old Smith Infirmary.


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The Preservation League of Staten Island is a 501 c (3) not for profit organization and the official sponsor of the Save the S.I. Castle Committee.


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Read Jim Ferreri's wonderful article on Alice Austin-SI Advance-Home Section,

which mentions the SI Castle- S.R. Smith Infirmary: