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Classic Homes Overlooking Silver Lake Park, Forest Ave

The Neighborhood of Silver Lake , Staten Island, NY

Silver Lake, Staten Island is bordered by  New Brighton, Sunset Hill, Tompkinsville and West Brighton.  Silver Lake  surrounds the NYC Park, Silver Lake and city Golf Course. The main thoroughfares are Victory Blvd and Forest Avenue.


This area is a 10 to 15 minute drive to the SI Ferry; convenient to the Verrazano Bridge, expressway and there are many local and express buses available on Victory Blvd , Forest Ave and Castleton Ave. The pedestrian-friendly shopping area is situated along Forest Avenue. The annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Memorial Day Parade are popular community traditions. There  is a local supermarket on Forest Avenue, along with many restaurants, banks, pharmacies and small businesses.


Silver Lake Park offers many amenities for all Staten Islanders. If you live nearby it is a  convenient  place to walk your dog or take  a morning jog. There is a dog run located on Victory Blvd side of the park. It is 107 areas , plus an additional 100 areas for a golf course. Many neighborhood children utilize the golf course for sled riding during the winter months.


There is a bridge that crosses over the lake, which is man made and once used as a reservoir. On Sundays, the road through the park, which separates the active park from the Golf course, is closed to traffic. This road also connects Forest Ave to Victory Blvd.


There is a children’s playground, which can be found  above Forest avenue; walk up Hart Blvd.  It is situated next to the ‘Tennis House’. The Tennis house is  used for community meetings, such as monthly Community Board #1 Area meetings. There is a restroom open during business hours. And of course, there are tennis courts here. The courts are not as busy as the ones at Walker Park, so usually there is no waiting.

View of Silver Lake Park from Forest Avenue

View of bridge . There are apartments located on the Victory Blvd side of the park,. This includes a combination of condos and rentals. Grymes Hill is pictures in the distance.



If your thinking of fishing– you need a licenses, since the lake is not restocked and the property is city owned..


The bridge is maintained and owned by DEC. They recently  renovated the bridge and is in great shape.


Run for miles– maps and markings around the park  mark the distance.


Summer Concerts are  provided by the Office of the Borough President usually twice in the summer. The concerts are located at the Forest Avenue side of the park.


Information from NYC  Parks on Silver Lake